Photowalk to the movies

Yesterday I decided that I was going to take a day off from the grind, first time in months, actually it was a half day LOL. I know... I suck! I couldn't resist not working. BUT although short it was still a well needed break. So I decided to walk to the movies with my iPhone in hand and the VSCOCam app on point. (More on VSCO in a future post). I ended up watching Snitch with the Rock (it was so so) then after walked over to my favorite Vietnamese Pho place in Irvine.
Note: These are TOTALLY random shots, no rhyme or reason, just snapped away while on my walk hence the "photowalk". Every shot was edited using one of my favorite iPhone camera apps, I love it! The look it offers is pretty cool. Enjoy the journey. (Click on an image to see full shot)