A calibration between photographer and Realtor

A couple of weeks back I shot an event, well it was more of a calibration with a highly successful Realtor. She was farming a particular neighborhood in Irvine and long story short I shot over 21 families in the matter of 8 hours on May 11th. It was pretty cool, I met some pretty rad families and ate some delicious Mexican food that she provided throughout the day. The day consisted of fun entertainment and food/drink, from a balloon artist, cotton candy, a bounce house and of course yours truly taking photos.

Since I didn't get permission from all the families to post their pictures I decided to only post a few from those that did not mind.

If you are in the market for a new house or want to sell your own please contact Monica Carr with First Team Real Estate. There some agents that are good, Monica is actually the best! Hard working and down to earth. 

Special thanks to:
Stacy Borroto
Anne Suri


Canon 5D Mark II // 85mm f1.8 // VSCO Film Pack 1