Blog schedule went out the window

In my attempt to get back to blogging I stumbled and failed miserably. I don't get how people can be consistent at blogging? Well, I guess if I was a good writer it might be different or if I got paid to blog. I have tons of topics and things to talk about trust me, I just can't find the time to sit and write about it. I even created a blog schedule, but that did me no good. I guess if I didn't have a lot to say then it wouldn't bother me that I wasn't blogging, but since I have tons to talk about I feel so far behind in my updates/posts. This is the reason I love Instagram so much, it's quick and easy to post pics and talk about things without getting all in depth. 

So instead of blogging like 4 or 5 posts, let me just summarize a few things that have happened in the month of September (My Birthday month). A couple of these topics I think I will actually make a separate blog post about, but for now let me just mention them. 

First - I'm super stoked to announce that I officially became an Adored Vendor on This is a huge step in my business, it's the first time that I'm stepping out into the wedding world in regard to advertising at a larger scale. I will definitely create a separate blog post about this, so stay tuned.

Second - Not only was I featured on, I was also featured on the blog, it featured a real engagement session that I shot earlier this year. See blog post HERE

Third - I celebrated my 29th birthday on the 9th, oh wait I mean my 39th birthday, shoot I still feel like 29 though...

Fourth - In the spirit of getting older, I decided that it was time to set some goals to get my ass back in shape, I will be turning 40 next year and I want to be in GREAT shape. So with the help of my family, they all chipped in and I got a brand new Felt TK3 bike, it's a 2013 model but it was still brand new. It's also a fixed gear bike meaning it only has one gear, but it looks like a triathlon bike. It's pretty rad if you ask me, lol. See picture below. More to come on this.

Five - We finally got rid of my old Honda Accord and now I drive my wife's BMW and she now drives a smaller SUV. This is huge because I was not a fan of that Honda period. 

Six - If you are still reading this then I decided to extend my portrait sale till this Sunday the 5th. Yup so if you missed it now is the time to purchase it. Unfortunately I do not have any more free gifts to offer, sorry. See deal HERE

Ok I feel kind of better to get a little off my chest for now. I hope to follow up with some real blog posts soon. 

Talk soon!

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