Printing our Legacy

A year or so ago Epson put out a campaign called “Print Your Legacy” one of the photographers that was part of it was celebrity photographer and ALL around great guy Jeremy Cowart to help promote it. Prior to that campaign I purchased an Epson R3000 one of those big ass printers, I use it frequently to print smaller photos for clients. So when this campaign rolled out I was like HECK YEAH! I’m going to start printing way more aaaaand you guessed it, I didn’t print anymore than I was already printing before, slacker lol! Then a couple of months back I really got the urge to start printing again, but with the holiday family season going on full blast I seriously had VERY LIMITED office time to pursue it. Well, now that I have finally slowed down a little, I’m finishing up some business from last year and in the meantime, I’ve began printing some of my work as well as some personal family photos.

This year with the guidance of a friend of mine who also happens to be a kick ass a photographer, I plan on implementing selling prints. I have been feeling sort of let down by the fact that I have not been stressing how important it is to actually have prints made for my clients. This is coming from someone who’s generation grew up on printing photos, using printed photos in the actual albums, film cameras, etc, etc. and just loving the fact that I can physically hold on to that photo forever. With digital now, it’s so easy to keep them on your computer, cell phone or social media and pretty much do nothing with them beyond that. That’s cool and all, BUT honestly not really, people pay good money to hire a photographer to take photos of their wedding or family and then to do nothing with them, it’s a bummer actually. Most say, I will totally get them printed, but 90% of people don’t. TODAY, I want to get back to the old school method and join the select photographers out there who are pushing prints. I feel it’s my job as your photographer to help document your legacy and what better way to make it stand the test of time is to provide high quality professional prints, whether it be from your engagement, wedding or even family session it’s time I do my job. Yes, it will come with a price, Yes, this will not be for everyone I understand that, BUT for those that understand the importance of this they will find it to be priceless. 

I don’t know where I heard this, but someone once said, “the only things that will help pass on your legacy to your future generations are from stories and photographs” if you think about it, it’s absolutely true! But if your photos live on a hard drive or cell phone only what will happen when you get a new computer or cell phone in 2-3 years then what? It’s time to start printing again people. Let’s do it, I PROMISE you will not be disappointed when you see those beautiful images of your wedding or family printed out, trust me, it will be way better then seeing them on a computer or phone. In the next few weeks I will be writing up a printing FAQ, but for now I just want to let you all know what direction my business is headed from this point on.

Blog fact: This is my 3rd blog post this year, last year in 2016 I blogged a total of 6 times. lol creating good habits…..

Ok peace for now, talk soon!

Printer: Epson R3000
Paper: Epson Hot Press Bright and Moab Lasal Matte

Hello my name is Thomas

As we jump into this new year I realize there are some new faces, new potential brides + grooms and families just discovering me. So I figured it might be a good idea to introduce myself.

Hi there! My name is Thomas but most call me by Tom or Tommy. I've lived the majority of my life in Orange County, with a little stint in Phoenix and about 4 years in Atlanta. I grew up listening to stories told my by Grandpa about life and WWII, he was such a huge influence in my life growing up that I wanted to study history in college. Today nothing has changed, I still love stories and I still love history it’s pretty much the reason why I'm so passionate about being a storyteller with my camera, it's such the perfect fit for me. I truly feel that it's my responsibility to my clients to document your story and to help create your legacy for your family. Having two kids myself I firmly believe family is everything!

Ok enough about the why and more about the who.
- I am an Americanized Filipino AKA a coconut (brown on the outside and white on the inside, LOL), that is mainly because of the city I grew up in, we were one of only a handful of Filipino families that lived there, but that doesn't mean I’m not in touch with my roots and where I came from. It's funny because it still trips my wife out when my mom speaks to me in Tagalog (Filipino Language) and I can understand her, bummer part is I can only reply back in english.
- On my 30th Birthday I did my first Triathlon, I continued to compete competitively for over 4 years, I was even the Newport Coast Triathlon Team President for 2 years until injury slowly drew me out of the sport, however I do want to make a return one day soon. 
- I've known my wife Heather since she was a freshman in High School, we dated for a short time after she graduated which was two years after I graduated, today we've been married for over 6 years and have two amazing kids, Colton (4) and Rowan (11months). 
- Family means the world to me as I mentioned earlier
- I love Ice Cream, but love French Fries even more, crazy I know...
- I'm kind of tech geek, I love me some technology for sure! Yeah I'm Apple Fan boy as well
- I have been to 11 countries and counting, NEED TO TRAVEL MORE PLEASE!
- Instagram addicted
- Coffee drinker (goes hand and hand being a photographer and all lol)
- I love all kinds of sports
- Music has my heart from hip hop to country, bring it!
- Last but not least, having God in my life has been the best and that will never change

Also, one other thing about me is that I also run another company photographing Architecture, Real Estate and Corporate work. You can view my work at and my Instagram @tompellicerphoto

Anyways….I hope that helps you get a little more acquainted with me. Stay tuned for more information on who I am as a photographer

Photo by Carrie T Photography

Photo by Carrie T Photography

Mobile Series // from my iPhone

Now that I'm starting to get active again here on my blog I really want to bring back some ideas I had a couple of years ago. One idea I had before Instagram blew up was that I wanted to post and share images I took on my iPhone every month. I'm constantly taking photos, like ALL the time and most of the time they just live on my phone and are never seen by anyone. So now that Instagram is so popular I'm able to share some of my images, but even then I limit what I put out there. Not everyone wants to see my family all the time or even my work. 

So today, I want to rejuvenate my series - "from my iPhone", but now that I have owned a FujiFilm x100s camera for over a year now I will add some of those shots here as well. My plan is to make this a monthly post and hopefully grow from there. These images will consist of my family, my work, and some random things that I see on a daily bases. Who knows I may split iPhone and Fuji images into two different series. But today, it will be a combination of both. I will warn you now, I have a little obsession with my son, sorry!

Taken with iPhone 6  - Processed with VSCOCam + Snapseed + Mextures

Taken with FujiFilm x100s - processed with VSCOCam

Featured // People Magazine Online

Last week I had the honor of photographing once again the hosts of the HGTV show Flip or Flop. Instead of marketing photos this time I was there to document the announcement photos of their second child, a boy this time due in August. To my surprise, when I got to their house Christina mentioned to me that these images may be used in People Magazine, yikes NO PRESSURE! Lol Na it was all good, we had a great time and came out with some rad images of course, I mean have you seen their family?

This morning People Magazine online released an Exclusive interview check it out HERE plus I believe HGTV will use a couple of the images from the session. I couldn't be more excited for the family, they are seriously good peeps, super down to earth and great to work with for sure. Looking forward to working with them again :)

Colton Pellicer // Impromptu Photo Shoot

So what do you say when your 2.5yr old says, "Dadda, can you take my picture now?" After the initial shock wore off of course I was happy to accommodate his request. This little guy truly melts my heart inside and out.

To be honest, this question did come after he watched me shoot a headshot for a client. It actually was the first time he witnessed me do this type of photography so I think he wanted to be a part of it too. Needless to say he brought his game, here are few of my faves.