Mobile Series // from my iPhone

Now that I'm starting to get active again here on my blog I really want to bring back some ideas I had a couple of years ago. One idea I had before Instagram blew up was that I wanted to post and share images I took on my iPhone every month. I'm constantly taking photos, like ALL the time and most of the time they just live on my phone and are never seen by anyone. So now that Instagram is so popular I'm able to share some of my images, but even then I limit what I put out there. Not everyone wants to see my family all the time or even my work. 

So today, I want to rejuvenate my series - "from my iPhone", but now that I have owned a FujiFilm x100s camera for over a year now I will add some of those shots here as well. My plan is to make this a monthly post and hopefully grow from there. These images will consist of my family, my work, and some random things that I see on a daily bases. Who knows I may split iPhone and Fuji images into two different series. But today, it will be a combination of both. I will warn you now, I have a little obsession with my son, sorry!

Taken with iPhone 6  - Processed with VSCOCam + Snapseed + Mextures

Taken with FujiFilm x100s - processed with VSCOCam

Has it been a month?

Ok seriously I don't get how it's been a month since my last blog post, a MONTH? What the??? I don't even know what happened since then besides celebrating my Birthday yesterday. Oh wait I know...Shooting, editing, shooting, hanging with my son, shooting, editing, chilin with the wifey and finally I can't forget about shooting. LOL not complaining just sad that I don't get blog as much. Honestly if I was a better writer I would probably make more time. So for now, here is a compilation of images taken with my iPhone only, there is no particular order just some images I wanted to share that didn't make Instagram over the last month or so.

My intentions this week is to put out at least 2 more blog posts, so please stay tuned. 


All images taken by iPhone 5 // VSCOCam // PicTapGo // Mextures // Afterlight

Photowalk to the movies

Yesterday I decided that I was going to take a day off from the grind, first time in months, actually it was a half day LOL. I know... I suck! I couldn't resist not working. BUT although short it was still a well needed break. So I decided to walk to the movies with my iPhone in hand and the VSCOCam app on point. (More on VSCO in a future post). I ended up watching Snitch with the Rock (it was so so) then after walked over to my favorite Vietnamese Pho place in Irvine.
Note: These are TOTALLY random shots, no rhyme or reason, just snapped away while on my walk hence the "photowalk". Every shot was edited using one of my favorite iPhone camera apps, I love it! The look it offers is pretty cool. Enjoy the journey. (Click on an image to see full shot)