Colton Turns 18 months old today

Today our little man turns a year and half! Holy sheet where did the time go? It honestly seems like it was yesterday when we were bringing him home from the hospital completely scared and excited for the unknown. Knowing that we are now responsible for this little gift from God was a pretty awesome feeling, but at the same time it totally freaked me out. BUT now looking back I can laugh and enjoy the experiences we had for the past 18 months and truly look forward to experiencing those feelings again when ever we have our 2nd child. 

Colton has been a real blessing for Heather and I, he brings us unbelievable joy and laughter regardless of the fact that he doesn't like to sleep and keeps us on our toes almost all day long. I'm sure some of you parents out there can relate, this boy is one busy little dude, climbing, running and talking non-stop. It amazes me how he just can't keep still for more than 10 mins, he is just so independent and curious that he constantly needs information to keep him entertained (I wonder who he got that from?). At the same time he is always bossing us around telling us what to do, where to sit, what to feed him, it blows my mind (guess who he got that from?). What a perfect mix, I think....All I know is we LOVE him to death and couldn't be more thankful for him.

Last night when we were eating dinner, I glanced over at him while he was eating some bread, just watching him feed himself and enjoy that bread honestly brought a tear to my eye. It wasn't anything out of the ordinary, but this time it was just different I can't explain it, he just looked so grown up and made me so happy. 

Anyways...Happy 18 month bday to my boy Colton! Here are some pics I took last week just messing around at the park. BTW I am still wondering why he doesn't have more hair??? Is this normal?

Canon 5DM2 // 50mm f1.4 //  VSCO Film