Dana Point Engagement Session // Paula + Brandon

Every so often people enter your life and they make such a huge impression, whether it's good, bad or life changing. Towards the end of last year one early morning I received a phone call, I was right in the middle of editing some images so I was totally zoned out and focused. Needless to say, when I answered the phone I was kind of out of it, on top of that the lady on the other end was talking rather quickly and so all I heard was Instagram, April 12th, Lavendars Flowers and can you please photograph my wedding, lol. Turns out she was literally boarding a flight and just had a couple of minutes to connect with me before she took off, hence the fast talking. After I got off the phone, I'm not going to lie, I was still a little confused as to what just happened in those 2 short minutes. 

When she arrived at her destination we spoke again and cleared everything up, phew....It all made sense now :) When I finally met Paula and Brandon during our consult we instantly clicked, it truly felt like they were old friends of mine. We had a great conversation and it was exciting to hear their story (my favorite part of consults). The traveling these two do for work and life blow me away, from NorCal to SoCal throughout their whole relationship, normally it would put a strain on a couple, but not for these two. I think it made them stronger, they both know how to make it work and they do a mighty fine job going about it. I really commend them both. 

Ok here is where the impression part I spoke about earlier takes place. It seemed like immediately after they booked me she was already giving me shout outs to her friends and family, as a result, I was able to do several shoots from family photos to maternity sessions. Thankfully, I was able to meet her parents and the families of her siblings, two sisters and her brother. Come wedding day it will be all good. This goes to show she truly is a caring, loving and giving person and for that she really made such an impression on me, one that which I strive to be like. She allowed me to fit right in with her family and for that I am not only grateful, but I'm very honored.

Thank you Paula and Brandon for being such great people and I truly can't wait to document your wedding day, which happens to be right around the corner, April 12th in Laguna Beach. Here are just a few images from their engagement session, please feel free to leave them a comment.

Canon 5DM3 // VSCOFilm