Family day

Because I have been a slacker in writing here on my blog I thought I would just start again with hopes that it just becomes a habit. I really do miss sharing so I will try my best to keep it up to date. 


For all that don't already know, Heather (my wife) and I decided that since we both work on weekends we made a decision to dedicate at least one day during the week for our family, we feel it's really important for our well being as a family, so we picked Wednesdays. Not going to lie, it's kind of hard for me to have a day off in the middle of the week, but for the most part so far it has been working out.

So yesterday, being a Wednesday we had our family day. Normally I don't feel the need to always share our family days here or on Instagram (my social media outlet of choice), but yesterday was a great day and thought I should document it.

I started the day off with a bike ride down to Newport, I was going to just do a short ride down to the Newport Back Bay, but the road was closed to the bay so I decided to take an alternate route and head down to Corona Del Mar via PCH. I was kind of hesitant to do that ride due to my lack of fitness, it's been close to a month since my last ride so I knew I would be riding further than I wanted, but whateves. Once I got to CDM I ran into a lady that was looking out to the ocean, I said to her, "wow this never gets old" she replied, "especially when there are whales migrating up north" I was instantly fascinated and proceeded to talk to her about whales yada yada yada, super cool lady, good vibes. Unfortunately no whales were spotted as we were talking, sad. But I was still stoked and wanted to call Heather, but it was still a little too early for a wake up call about not seeing any whales.

So I proceed down PCH and made the decision to ride down to Laguna Beach, wow!!! I figured out I'm really out of shape, but luckily I made it down there in one piece. I stopped off at this gazebo by Las Brisas to take a photo and noticed there was a big photo shoot going on down on the beach below me, it was pretty cool to watch for a bit. Then a random dude rolled up next me with his dog, we began to talk about riding bikes, life and work, come to find out he runs and grows medical marijuana up in LA and is part owner of brand that sells edibles, I spaced the name of the company, crap! But he was super interesting and had a lot to say, it was a great convo for sure, I enjoyed it. 

From there I rode down the hill and stopped off at Main Beach, see pic of my bike below, as I was taking that exact photo this older couple walks up and was like nice bike! I think they were just taking a stroll along the beach while enjoying the morning. I asked them if they saw any whales? They said, "not today," but mentioned they saw a few the other day. We began to talk, come to find out she use to be in PR for a company that promoted architectural books and her sister is also a photographer. Needless to say I had another good convo about life and photography, she had some interesting stories. Cool peeps for sure!

After I had that moment I decided it was time to ride up the canyon back home to be with the fam, Suddenly it dawned on me to just call them up and have them come down to Laguna, it was a beautiful day and since there was low tide I thought it would be fun to take Colton cruising for shells plus you never know, we could see some whales? So the idea worked and Heather brought Colton down to Laguna, long story shortened a little, we didn't go to the beach, but instead headed up the canyon to go hiking on the trails along the 133 hwy. We discovered this cool trail which ended up being super scenic (future photoshoot location) and a good 2.5 to 3mi hike. Besides having to carry Colton on my shoulders for about 90% of the hike it was really fun. We took our time and stopped to take pictures and to look at flowers, it was perfect. I love that my family likes to explore and check out cool stuff, makes me happy! 

After the hike Heather says to me, "I thought we were going to check out the beach?" Sure enough we packed up and headed back down to Laguna, LOL. Whatever! I thought it was funny. Anyways...this part of the day was awesome too because we got to explore the beach and the tide pools. Colton loved it! I was bummed because 10mins into our exploring my phone died so the pictures stopped, luckily I was able to grab a few, but more importantly I was able to give my family 100% of me. After the exploring we grabbed a bite in Laguna at a place called Slapfish, man it was bomb! The best fish tacos for sure!

Then we took off to go home for a brief family intermission, I had to go to my old hometown of Yorba Linda to do some work, yeah yeah I know it was family day, but it was a quick shoot with the hosts of the HGTV show Flip or Flop, so yeah kind of important. For this shoot I had to go to Tarek and Christina's home and shoot a few shots for their new marketing campaign that will be launching soon, that's all I can mention at this time. But honestly I had a great time and was able to work with some cool ass people for sure, I'm a fan! More on them later. 

Now it was off to be with the fam again, we decided to head down to Fashion Island because Heather needed to stop by a store to grab some stuff, so we figured while we were down there we could eat at Yard House since Heather get's a good discount there. The image below of Colton with his headphones on is how we enjoy dinner together in peach, honestly the BEST $20 we've spent on him, lol, no but really. The day finally came to close at one of my favorites places and now apparently Colton's too, the Apple Store. 

For those that hung in there till the end, thank you for letting me express my day! Here are a few images I took throughout the day.