Happy 4th Anniversary to my Love

I wish I was a little more prepared with this post before we took off to Mammoth for vacation. See earlier this month I scanned and organized a bunch of pics of Heather and I to share on this post, I was excited to post a few, but was so slammed with work before we left I forgot to add them to my iPad, poop! 

So I guess to keep it simple since I'm writing this on my iPhone, I just want to say Happy 4th wedding anniversary Heather! I can't believe how fast time is flying, I'm stoked that we continue to laugh at each other even through the tough times. I love you babe! Also thank you so much for being such a great mom to our little man, you teach him so much and I truly love that about you. To many more years to come! 


Photo by Dolce Photography based in Oahu, HI