Hello my name is Thomas

As we jump into this new year I realize there are some new faces, new potential brides + grooms and families just discovering me. So I figured it might be a good idea to introduce myself.

Hi there! My name is Thomas but most call me by Tom or Tommy. I've lived the majority of my life in Orange County, with a little stint in Phoenix and about 4 years in Atlanta. I grew up listening to stories told my by Grandpa about life and WWII, he was such a huge influence in my life growing up that I wanted to study history in college. Today nothing has changed, I still love stories and I still love history it’s pretty much the reason why I'm so passionate about being a storyteller with my camera, it's such the perfect fit for me. I truly feel that it's my responsibility to my clients to document your story and to help create your legacy for your family. Having two kids myself I firmly believe family is everything!

Ok enough about the why and more about the who.
- I am an Americanized Filipino AKA a coconut (brown on the outside and white on the inside, LOL), that is mainly because of the city I grew up in, we were one of only a handful of Filipino families that lived there, but that doesn't mean I’m not in touch with my roots and where I came from. It's funny because it still trips my wife out when my mom speaks to me in Tagalog (Filipino Language) and I can understand her, bummer part is I can only reply back in english.
- On my 30th Birthday I did my first Triathlon, I continued to compete competitively for over 4 years, I was even the Newport Coast Triathlon Team President for 2 years until injury slowly drew me out of the sport, however I do want to make a return one day soon. 
- I've known my wife Heather since she was a freshman in High School, we dated for a short time after she graduated which was two years after I graduated, today we've been married for over 6 years and have two amazing kids, Colton (4) and Rowan (11months). 
- Family means the world to me as I mentioned earlier
- I love Ice Cream, but love French Fries even more, crazy I know...
- I'm kind of tech geek, I love me some technology for sure! Yeah I'm Apple Fan boy as well
- I have been to 11 countries and counting, NEED TO TRAVEL MORE PLEASE!
- Instagram addicted
- Coffee drinker (goes hand and hand being a photographer and all lol)
- I love all kinds of sports
- Music has my heart from hip hop to country, bring it!
- Last but not least, having God in my life has been the best and that will never change

Also, one other thing about me is that I also run another company photographing Architecture, Real Estate and Corporate work. You can view my work at www.tompellicer.com and my Instagram @tompellicerphoto

Anyways….I hope that helps you get a little more acquainted with me. Stay tuned for more information on who I am as a photographer

Photo by Carrie T Photography

Photo by Carrie T Photography