It's a rebuilding year

As I contemplated going back on my own earlier this year I had many sleepless nights. Being a full time photographer for the past 4 years, I have experienced and also witnessed many highs and lows while trying to successfully run a photography studio. Taking all this into consideration I truly hesitated in making this decision. Over the course of 2 months I was ALL IN one moment then I was like HECK NO the next. There are so many unknowns out there and the stress of running a business by myself while providing for my family heavily weighed on this decision. Time was running out I knew I needed to make a decision quickly, after talking with my family and praying really hard, as you may have guessed I decided to take a leap of faith. By making this decision I decided to not only reopen my photo business, but this time I was going to run it a million times better. Taking all that I have learned from all my past experiences and making this time around all about the experience, amazing imagery and friendships. Deciding to run my business based on my core values I feel will help me find "my clients" as well as give me the creative freedom to produce to my fullest.

REBUILDING YEAR....This year I want to focus on rebuilding myself as a wedding/portrait photographer, business man and as a person. I know that is a lot to take on, but man I am so ready! Once I made the decision to go back on my own I told myself to not look back and just look forward. The potential of creating my own luck is solely up to me and that is what drives me today. 

When I say rebuild myself as a wedding photographer, what I mean is this year I want to find "My" style again. Not that I lost it or don't know what I want, but I want to DEFINE it. Not only in camera, but also while I am creating the art in post production. Honestly I am so excited that I can't wait for wedding season to start! I want to create art and express my vision in a way that is all my own. Images may not look the norm, but then again I will be doing that on purpose, hence defining my style. 

As my business grows so will my ability to run it the right way. I want to strive each day to learn, exercise and perform the duties necessary to separate myself from the rest. This is no easy task I must say, to concentrate on art and business at the same time is going to be a real challenge. Luckily I have a good network of peeps to help me. But please bear with me as I grow...

Rebuilding as a person basically means coming out of the shell that I have been in the past 18 months. By not making any creative decisions at Coco Gallery I felt like I became more reserved as person and photographer. NOW I am ready!

Below is a shot I took with my iPhone while at the wedding I was filming this past Monday for Letter Box Films.


iPhone 5 // PicTapGo app // taken at NestlDown in Los Gatos