Jumping into the New Year

Happy New Year! I can't believe we are 14 days into the New Year already....SAY WHAT??? It's all good, I'm happy to report things are starting to line up and my game plan is coming together for the year. But before I get all down and dirty and talk about my changes and new plans, I just wanted to get my first blog post out for the year. So instead of talking about business, I just want to talk about family.

The end of last year was absolutely nuts for me, I honestly had about 3 or 4 days off of work total from the end of October to January 1st. I'm very thankful for being that busy, my body was a little beat up, but it really took a toll on my family life. I barely saw them, which not only sucked for them, but it really was hard on me not to be able to spend time with them. I absolutely LOVE my family time and so it was a huge sacrifice. Thankfully I have an understanding wife and son that support me and so it made it a little easier to get through. Tell ya what, I was stoked when January 2nd rolled around because I took some much needed time off. Yup I was checked out, mentally and physically from my business and it felt amazing! Although, not going to lie, it was a little hard to go from full on work mode to doing nothing, but luckily I survived LOL. No, but honestly, the beauty of it all was the time I got to spend with them each day, it was truly priceless. We are all in a happier place these days. Thanks babe for hanging in there! 

During that time off got me thinking....I really need to make more of an effort to devoting time for my family, we strayed from our dedicated family day towards the end of last year, so now I think it's time to start implementing that again. Come February we will are expecting our little girl to join the family, so having a schedule in place before she gets here will make things easier. One of my plans for this year is to bring on some help for my business, I mean for real this time. This should not only help run my business much more efficiently, but should allow time for me to hang with the fam, but more on this later.

I hope you are all off to an amazing 2016, take care and talk soon!

Here are some moments from our time at Boomers/mini golf on January 2nd.
(Taken with my Fuji X-T1 and 23mm, shot JPEG and no edits we were made at all)