LATER 2016 and HELLO 2017

Who's ready for the new year? I am I am! In fact, I'm so ready to start making things happen that I'm already blogging my first post of the year and it's only Jan 2nd, LOL, last year I only wrote 6 blog posts total, crap I suck! But it's a new year and I'm so excited as this will be my 8th year of shooting full time, and only my 4th year as Thomas Pellicer Photographer. The cool thing is, that I feel I'm just hitting my stride with my direction and skill which I think is freaking awesome!

Each year I feel the urge to be a better blogger and post my shoots and talk about random sh*t. I don't know what it is, but I always have the intention to do better at it, BUT then always fade away. NOT this year! One of my goals is to actually make blogging a habit, make social media a focus and really utilize my voice online. I know blogging maybe a thing of the past for some photographers, but who cares I'm going to do it anyways. Just like printing a photo, it's always great just to see my work out there and what better place then on my website/blog/instagram. I'm also going to start talking about my processes, how I edit, why I edit the way I do, the gear I use and why I use it along with random photos and stories. I will also be updating my personal journal right here on my website as well. I know that sounds like a lot and trust me this will be a hard habit to get into, but I have the will to do it, I NEED to share my knowledge, share my photos and why I do the things I do. However here is my disclaimer, I'm not a great writer, YET. I proof read, but sometimes I overlook things because I honestly believe I may have some kind of reading issue, but I have not been professionally tested to know for sure. So when time permits, my wife proof reads and corrects my mistakes, I feel like I'm 10 years old. Anyways.....I enjoy writing so I'm just going to go for it! 

So here we, I wanted to share a few photos from our holiday photo session, this year we did a little something different. I did an exchange with a fellow photographer and friend, last year I shot her family photo and this year when she approached me, I threw the idea over her way and there ya have it. Carrie is a rad baby and kid photographer based in Yorba Linda, you can check out her site HERE she was so great with our kids. We had such an awesome time, thank you Carrie we really love our photos!

Nerd stuff: 
Photos: By Carrie T Photography
Edit: I did a re-edit based on my new direction, I actually liked the originals and we used them for our holiday cards, but since I'm making a change over here I thought I would add the new style to our photos, sorry Carrie. The edit did not come out exactly as I wanted due to the fact I was editing an already edited JPEG file (not the RAW file). But it still came out pretty cool. I already have a planned post on my new editing style coming soon.