My official welcome to 2014

Hey everyone! I officially want to say Happy New Year to you all, LOL 10 days later....I suck, I know! But I needed to take a little break after the amazing year I had last year. Thank you so much to all that supported me this past year, you guys are all rad in my book :) I couldn't believe the overwhelming response I received last year and for that I am SO SO SO grateful! So having said that, now it's time to share some of my work from last year. I won't be able to share all, but I will try my very best to share as much as I can. I said in my post yesterday, now it's time to get my ass back in gear! Ideas and thoughts had been flowing while I was on my break. As you can see for yourself I have already modified my website to incorporate full size images, I also changed up my logo a little with the font and dropped the [photographer] part. Now it's all about branding me, hopefully most people that go to my site already know I am a photographer. Over the next few weeks you will see things change on my site, besides new pictures you will see more information on yours truly. After doing some research as well as reflecting back, choosing a photographer for your wedding, family portraits or even corporate work boils down to the actual photographer first then their work usually comes second. So I feel the more you know about me, the more you will know that I'm the one you will want to work with, yada yada yada...More on this later, this change will come in due time, BUT I am looking forward to it. As the years pass I have become more of an intravert when I am not behind my camera, so opening up will be challenging. 

Alright enough on that....I hope you all had a Happy New Year and I wish you all the VERY best in 2014! May it bring success, happiness and a better life!

Here are some shots taken with my Fuji x100s on New Years Eve, the fam and I rented bikes and cruised Newport Beach then headed over to Corona Del Mar to see the last sunset of the year. Thankfully it was a clear day with a beautiful view of Catalina Island off in the distance.

Fuji x100s // VSCO Film