My one year business anniversary

To all you awesome peeps that continue to follow and support me in my photographic journey, I first want to say Thank you from the bottom of my heart! It truly means the world to me. You all have blessed me with the ability to pursue my dream of being a full time photographer and for that I can't say Thank you enough. I pray for continued success as I get ready to take on my second year.

So I don't remember the official day I restarted my business after leaving Coco Gallery, but I know it was sometime this week one year ago. What a crazy journey this past year has been, let me tell you, starting all over again after being with Coco Gallery for 18 months or so was just plain stupid. My son was only about 9 months old and I was jumping back into the unknown, having to start and run a business all by myself. But by the grace of God, all my friends that helped spread the word, my new clients, my friend Mike Arick for allowing me to shoot along side him and also the peeps at Coco Gallery I ended up having a pretty good year, so for all ya'll I'm so thankful. Taking what I learned my goal is to exceed what I did last year. I have opened up another avenue of photography and so I will also be pursuing Architectural photography along with shooting weddings. Last year I shot several jobs and absolutely fell in love with it. It's a totally different beast, but more on that later.

Now onto the good stuff, I'm so anxious to get my year started, so to bring in my second year of business I decided to start it off with a bang! First, I have relaunched my newly designed website (for some of you, yes I did it AGAIN), but I did it for several reasons, 1. The old site was boring, no real message or brand 2. I was so far behind adding pictures from the year that I needed an excuse to finally put up some recent images in my galleries 3. I needed a website that could display both my love for photographing people and now architecture/real estate without looking super cheesy. I'm hoping with this new design I was able to accomplish those goals. The feedback has been good so far, keeping my fingers crossed :)  I tried to keep it clean, simple to use and informative. Please take a look around.

Second, I'm ready to book some wedding for this year, so having said that I'm ready to make some deals happen. If you or someone you know is getting married this year PLEASE hit me up or send them my way I will totally take care of you/them with the utmost care and of course save you/them some money. In return, IF they book a wedding I will hook you up with a full photo session or gift you a session that you can give to a deserving friend or family member. This is not no $50 gift card, shoot this photo session is valued over $300+. Not freaking bad right? So pretty please with a cherry on top, help me spread the word.  

I wish I could offer this deal all year, but unfortunately I can't afford to soooo...The deadline for receiving a FULL photo session is MARCH 20, 2014. After that I will still hook ya up, but not as extensive. IF YOU send some one my way before Feb. 28th I will hook you even more TRUST me.

THANK YOU ALL! I wish you the best and look forward to hearing more from me soon.