On the lookout for some rad people

If you happened to miss my previous post about updating my portfolio I recommend taking a minute to check it out HERE

OK, so now that you are up to speed, below is my wish list, I'm thinking big and praying for the best! If you happen to be interested in helping, know someone that would be interested, or just want to help me spread the word, I would be forever grateful and would do my best to give back to the best of my abilities. If you were looking to get into this industry, update your portfolio or just to get experience this is a perfect opportunity to do so. 

Now here comes the hardest part of all this, since I won't have a budget to pay everyone for their time or supplies, I will have to make it up to you some how. So what I'm thinking, is what I can provide for all involved is experience, a great time, exposure via social media, networking with others involved, images for your portfolio and Instagram, work experience for your resume and free Starbucks, Monster/Rockstars drinks and food (if needed). In some cases, in return, the families involved will receive an album of images documenting what I have captured over time (more on this below).

So, if I still have your interest here is the list below....

Coordinator - This person will be vital to me, I need someone that is organized and not afraid to pick up the phone, needs to have a positive can do attitude and is a problem solver.

Lighting Assistant(s) - Preferably I would like someone with experience in lighting. A knowledge of strobes, modifiers and off camera flash would be awesome, but not necessary. The most important thing I'm looking for is someone aware of their surroundings and interested in helping me produce great images.

MUA (Makeup Artists) - I need someone also looking to rebuild or add to their portfolio, I want someone that is aware of what the shoot will require in regards to colors, tones and style. Experience is a major plus because we are limited on time, having someone that knows what they are doing is imperative so we don't waste time having to redo the makeup. 

Hairstylist - Same goes with this position as well, experience is key

Stylist - This person would be a MAJOR PLUS period! Someone that knows what's up with each scenario we shoot would be so great. Fingers crossed finding this person :)

(2-4) Females - Ages 22-30 - Race - OPEN to all - must not be afraid of the camera, needs little direction during shoot, knows how to run with situations. A fan of America's Next Top Model, LOL, but I'm kinda serious. Tattoos are totally welcome and a plus, modeling experience not required. Must provide photo or IG name when applying.

(2-4) Males - Ages 22-30 - Race - OPEN to all - must not be afraid of the camera, athletic, fashion sense and cool. Slim to Average build preferred. Tattoos welcome, modeling experience not required. Must provide photo or IG name when applying

(2) Real Couples - 25-35 - Must be a real couple since I will ask for a little PDA in some of the shots. Must be fun and both be game for anything (PG of course). Also not afraid of the camera or need tons of direction, but can take direction if given. Must provide photo or IG account when applying

(2) Family - Younger, hip (not necessarily hipster) with 1-3 kids and perhaps a dog. Looking for an active family that loves to laugh, cry and be real. Also, a family that doesn't mind me following them around doing everyday things. One thing to keep in mind is that I am not looking for a family that is always posing for the camera or expecting to see posed shots. Must provide photo or IG name when applying and a little explanation to why I should choose your family. Please keep in mind this will be over 3-4 sessions.

The idea is to capture the family in real life situations, doing real life activities. Like going to Disneyland or the beach or hanging out at the park. I will explain more if anyone is interested in filling this spot.

This is a very important position for this whole process to work.  I want to document the majority of these shoots and would love someone capable of working a DSLR as a video camera. This would be great experience for someone wanting to practice story telling and for learning how to edit behind the scenes content. Having your own equipment will be necessary, I can provide a few items, but camera and lenses are needed and the ability to edit and turn around content quickly.

Also a few things that would be awesome is that each person involved must have 1) great attitude 2) fun personality 3) play well with others 4) MUST be on Instagram and have a decent following (100 or more)

Once I begin the interview process during our interview I will explain in more detail what each roll will entail. My goal is to have everyone lined up by the end of this month if not sooner. 

Interested or know someone that may be interested?  Please feel free to share the link.

Thank you all so much and I look forward to getting this project in motion.