Just arrived // Rowan Grace Pellicer

I proudly introduce to you our newest addition, Rowan Grace. She was born on Feb. 2nd (yes, Groundhog Day) at 1:43. For those old schoolers out there, 143 is the code used for "I love you."  The moment she arrived, I was instantly IN LOVE with her, love at first site. It was so cute, when she came out she immediately let out this little cry that melted the whole room including Heather's doctor, Dr. Cough. 

I have to give it up to my wife, she absolutely kicked ass, I am so proud of her! I'm also so thankful and blessed she made the cutest little baby girl. Thanks my love, I am forever in your debt. You are amazing, I love you so much!

Here is a little summary about the day. We headed down to Saddleback Hospital at around 9ish, she was admitted in at 9:45. Upon arrival she was at 4cm and 100% effaced, once we were settled in and were waiting for the epidural, her water broke. When the Epidural finally arrived she was at 6cm. Since Heather's family was all down to support us and since it was going to take awhile we all left and got lunch at Ruby's across the street. About 45 mins after our return from lunch, Heather was like, "I think I need to start pushing." We told the RN and she confirmed she was at 10cm, and so it was on!!! Her Dr. arrived after about 10 hard pushes, she coached her for the next 30mins and BOOM, out came baby Rowan. The rest is history. She came out 19" long, 6 Ibs 5oz. and the cutest as could be. 

On a side note, about a month ago the family decided to put a little wager on when she will be born. The guess had to include date and time. Out of 14 people, the big winner just happened to be my son, Colton. His guess believe it or not was Feb 2nd at 2pm. WTF??? Just 17mins off. So yup he won the cash, BTW he's 3.5 years old. Oh and for those wondering her due date was Feb 12. So she was born 10 days early, my son was born 9 days early.

We will be adding newborn pics soon, but for now I love these shots. 

Photo by Sarah Fast (sis in law)

Photo by Sarah Fast (sis in law)