Colton's 1st Haircut

12 Days of blogging // Colton's First Haircut

My apologies for being MIA for the past month or so, thankfully it's been a very busy month of taking pictures. Being that I have been behind in my blogging I have decided to attempt blogging for the next 12 days, that's right everyday all the way to Xmas. I am so stoked on how this last half of the year turned out, from meeting some really rad couples/families to honing my craft as a photographer. It's been a growing process, not with just work, but also as a first time dad. I am so looking forward to blogging some weddings I shot at the end of summer and of course not to forget all the families I was honored to photograph this year. Get ready...

For my first post I wanted to start with my boy Colton's first haircut. Last week Colton turned 19 months old, Heather and I discussed it and we decided it was finally time to cut the baby curls off the little man. It truly was a hard decision, but in the end we were stoked with the results. But not going to lie, It was actually kinda sad because in our opinion he now just looks so grown up, no longer our baby boy. Take a look for yourself...I will say he was a champ, not a scream or tear. It may have to do with the location and it's environment, he got it cut at Rainbow Kids in YL. That place was decked out, with race cars and airplanes and flat screen TV's with Disney movies playing, it was perfect! It will be our go to for the next decade or so. Anyways here ya go! All photos taken with my new Fuji x100s with a slight modification with VSCO film.