Downtown LA

Downtown Los Angeles Engagement // Michelle + Marvin

When you're just too tired to go out with friends sometimes you have to ball up and say lets do this! Often times you don't know what will happen or who you will meet. In this case, it was just one of those nights, both Michelle and Marvin were beat from the long day, but still decided to go out with their friends. Little did they know, that night their paths would cross. Conversations sparked, a little flirting followed and there it began, the start of a beautiful thing.

I knew I was going to like these two when I found out that their first date started off at Urth Caffe in LA. Fellow coffee lovers, of course we would get along! When we met for our consult,  of course over some coffee, I quickly picked out some similarities between us. Michelle is a Filipina and she is marrying a white guy :) coincidentally I am a Filipino and I married a white girl :) Marvin was wearing a Nixon watch and I just happened to be wearing a very similar Nixon as well. We were all on our iPhone’s talking about taking photos and using Instagram. See, these two are also budding photographers themselves, except they shoot with that "other" brand of camera, I won't mention any names, but it ryhmes with, icon ;) On top of that, we have a friend in common, a fellow photographer friend Vanessa with VanessaM Photography, who happens to be one of Michelle's best friends and will be in the wedding. Everything has aligned perfectly, I love it and am so excited to shoot their special day!

A couple of weeks ago we headed down to DTLA for our engagement session, here are just a few shots taken from that day.

Canon 5DM3 // VSCOFilm