Family vacation


The month of February absolutely threw me for a loop, being out of our house and living in a hotel for two weeks wasn't cool at all, especially with a 2.5 yr old. Long story short, we had to leave our place due to a black mold (which became airborne) situation that occurred from a leaking kitchen sink/disposal. So a "few days" turned into two weeks and with that came a whole lot of headaches and stress from all directions, which made life challenging. I can go on and on about it, BUT I'm just happy that it's over and we're moving on with life. 

Not that being out of the house for two weeks wasn't bad enough for our routine, but we actually had a scheduled 3 day mid week getaway planned a few days after our return home. In fact, we almost cancelled it, but we decided it was much needed after all that stress we just went through, so last week we headed up to Big Bear for a little family R&R. Luckily we did because we caught the end of a little snow storm, which actually worked out great for us because Colton was able to experience real snow for the first time. Last year we went up around the same time and there was zero snow, so we had to go to Bear Mountain and play in man made snow, it sucked. Anyways...needless to say this year was much better all around and was well worth the quality family time we had together, truly priceless.

BUT now that we are back and have no plans of leaving soon, it's time to re-focus on life and my business. Throughout these past few weeks I've been trying to re-establish my website, update it with new photos and make it more informative for the new year. I would say I'm about 90% there, there are still a few pages I need to add, more pictures to switch out and some other minor tweaks, but for the most part I'm pretty happy. From there my plan is to focus heavily on my marketing and potentially start working on some personal projects I've had on my mind for awhile.  

Oh and I'm stoked to start riding my bike again! Time to get consistent. I will leave you with a few black and white images from last week.

Mammoth Mountain - Family vacation

Back in July we took off with my in laws to Mammoth Mountain for a little family vacation. Believe it or not, it was actually my first time ever visiting Mammoth Mountain. Long story short, I absolutely fell in love with the place! We've actually made the decision that Mammoth will be a regular stop for our family for many years to come. It also helped that Heather and her family use to own a place up there back in the day, so luckily we were in full agreement. Another plus was that Colton loved it too as you will see in some of the pictures!

The week was filled with quality family time, Heather's sister Sarah and her family came up from Phoenix and of course her parents joined us as well, the only bummer was her brother Adam was not able to join us due to work. We look forward to him coming next time! One awesome thing about the Davidson's (In Laws) is that they are all such gamers and love the outdoors. So being up there during the summer we planned a bunch of outings. A few of us did a little downhill mountain biking (which BTW I'm now addicted), we went hiking, fishing, crawfishing, zip lining, a few even golfed, not to mention all the games that we normally play while we are kicking it which this time included a 1000 piece puzzle. With all the activities our week flew by, but doesn't it always when you are having fun? Surprisingly, I only took one camera with me, only because I didn't want the trip to be focused around taking pictures, although I still took a ton with my iPhone and my Fuji x100s. By the way, it was great not having to lug a ton of camera gear this time, I could get use to that.

While we were up there Heather and I celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary, it started off great with a drink at the Twin Lakes Lodge, but sadly the restaurant we ended up at was just so so, it got good reviews, BUT....for the price the quality of the food was just not up to par. Nevertheless, we had great conversation and did a ton of laughing and reminiscing.  

I could go on and on with more details about our trip and why I loved it so much, but for now, I will leave you with this....If you haven't been up there during the summer, I highly recommend it, if you are also into the outdoors then you would be crazy not to visit. I can't say enough that I absolutely love my family and had an amazing time just kicking it with them, it was a perfect trip at the most perfect time. I'm recharged and now ready to take on the 2nd half of my wedding season then into holiday family sessions. Bring it on!

iPhone 5s + Fuji X100s // VSCOcam + VSCOFilm + Snapseed