First Time Dad

Being a first time dad - v.1

The day we found out that Heather was prego I can remember vividly the rush of emotions that ran through my mind and body. It was like nothing I've ever experienced before, excitement, anticipation, fear of the unknown, boy or girl, the thought of my life never being the same (in a good way), raising my own child, driving, college, grand children all in one quick instant. But just like anything in life you learn to roll with it and adapt. To be honest we were both ready for that next step so it wasn't a complete surprise, but more of like a YEESSS we did it and now it's real surprise.

So now with Colton's 1 year birthday coming up on Cinco de Mayo I wanted to start reflecting back on my first year as a first time dad. The challenges, the victories and even the times I felt defeated. This series on the blog will mainly be from my perspective of being a first time dad, business owner of two businesses and a husband. Don't worry I'm not going to voice everything that happened, but just things that I thought might be worth sharing now that I have a platform on which to share again. 

THE JOY this kid brings me I swear I can't even explain it. These two images below just make my heart melt (warning you may hear that statement more than once). Today, I just wanted to announce this new series I am starting and to share these two images with you all. More to come, so if your down, I would love for you to follow along. 

One way could see more pics is on Instagram @thomaspellicer


This shot was taken within the first hour of him being born on May 5, 2012. I took this with my iPhone and just couldn't help but tear up after. He was real, he was healthy and he was perfect! I couldn't stop thanking God for blessing us with him.

This shot was taken by Heather yesterday April 22 which I then posted on Instagram. I honestly can't stop looking at it. This is so him, the kid has so much character and personality it's unbelievable. Thank goodness he loves the camera (for now). Today, nothing has changed, I still can't stop thanking God for bringing him into our lives.


I also want to say thank you for all the kind words and all the support we have had from family and friends on Facebook and Instagram. We truly appreciate the love! But the biggest THANK YOU goes to my beautiful wife Heather for carrying, giving birth and being such a great mom to our little man. I love you!