It's time to grow...Planting the seeds

As I progress in my career as a photographer, I'm constantly evaluating my work, over the last few weeks I have begun the process of picking apart my portrait images. And I've come to this conclusion....I'm seriously ready for a much needed update. So yup, that's right I want to create a brand new portfolio and I want to start the rebuilding process, TODAY! I want to create and push my limits as a photographer, I want to use light in a different way than I've been accustomed to, I want to utilize new editing methods that I've been playing around with lately, but most of all, on top of producing some killer images, I want to grow as an artist, both behind the camera and in front of it (no, not as model lol) but more on the interaction side with the clients and vendors. It's time to step up my game!!!

Although this rebuilding process will be for the portrait/lifestyle side of my business, I believe that this process will carry over into all aspects of my work, including my weddings. My primary focus will be in creating images that make you think, connect and just feel good. As I continue down this journey as a photographer, I can't forget that I have the ability to actually create my vision without ANY limitations, it's solely up to me what I produce and what I show the world, I can follow trends or set them, it's up to me! I believe today I have the knowledge, equipment and experience to produce what I want.

One of my big goals with this process is going to revolve around sharing, period. I want to share with you the process, the struggles and of course the end results. So, if you were ever interested in my process I recommend tuning in when I get this ball rolling. You don't have to be a photographer to follow along, but if you enjoy learning, that totally works for me. I can't promise it's going to be pretty, but I will do my best considering I'm not really an educator. 

Over the next week or two, I'm going to start building a team of people to help me in this process. This is not going to be a simple task so I want to make sure to find the right people. This will also include a search for talent, not high end models or anything, but everyday cool ass people, ya know what I mean? I will be posting a list of people I'm looking for, from my subjects, MUA (Makeup artists) and assistants in the next day or two.

With this process, I have decided to put myself out there for people to comment, both positive and constructive criticism will be welcomed. It's a huge leap of faith towards my goal of being a better artist/photographer, so with that I say, bring it on! 

As of today, I will be temporarily taking down a couple of my galleries from my website, Lifestyle and Family, they will soon return better than ever!

So for now, I will leave with you this shot I took the other week, it's of the parents from my family session in Corona Del Mar. I posted a similar shot on my Instagram HERE.