LA County Fair

Engagement Session // Roxanne + Michael

With all the craziness towards the end of last year I fell way behind in my blogging. I attempted to blog for 12 days straight up till Christmas and that FAILED! Fortunately I stayed busy all the way till Dec. 30th, but that is a crappy excuse not to blog, so I apologize. BUT since I worked my butt off for months straight I decided it was time take a break from work for a week or so to spend more time with my family and to give my mind and body a rest. 

NOW it's time to get my ass back in gear! I am currently working on a website redesign, it might not look much different now, but over the next month I will be swapping out the old pics and adding a ton of new ones. This however is a daunting task so please bear with me as the changes will gradually happen. I am also working on some different marketing materials and slew of other ideas that I want to put in action this year.

So I had this post ready to go as one of my 12 days of blogging, but as I was writing it up there were many distractions going on the same time and unfortunately it got pushed back till today. 

Roxanne and Michael's engagement session was freaking awesome, we started at Cal Poly Pomona where they both went to college then we took off and made it to the last day of the LA County Fair to finish off our session. What's really fun when working with couples that are not use to being in front of the camera, is watching their progression throughout the session. It starts off super awkward even with my tips that I give them, but then after a few frames they get more relaxed and before you know it I don't even have to pose them anymore. Yup these two NAILED IT! I had a blast with them the whole day, I am truly looking forward to their wedding at Rancho Las Lomas in June.