Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day

Here is photo of my dad when he served in the US Navy back in the late 60's.

Here is photo of my dad when he served in the US Navy back in the late 60's.

I just want to send out my sincerest regards to all the men and women that have sacrificed their time and lives for our freedom. Although I do not have experience myself I do understand what a sacrifice it is to dedicate years of your life and for some their lives to serve our country. For that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I hope you all have a Happy Memorial Day and please do me a favor if you see, run into and/or know someone that has or is currently serving our country please thank them, it's the least we can do.


Memorial Day with the fam

Being a son of Navy serviceman I can appreciate the sacrifice and dedication that many American's are doing for our county both past and present. My heart and thanks goes out to every single one of them. They give us the freedom everyday to live our lives without fear and for that I thank you! We even get to take a day off work to enjoy with our family and friends because of them. And yes I will admit yesterday we did take advantage of that time before Heather went to work.

After such a long weekend of working covering a huge event on Friday night in Carlsbad to a wedding in Temecula on Saturday and another wedding on Sunday in La Quinta all I wanted to do was to kick with the fam. So we picked up some sandwiches and headed to the OC Great Park in Irvine to do just that, kick it. I loved every minute of it, in fact I think I crashed out while Heather and Colton were playing around. It was sooo nice to be with both of them, to laugh, to hug and kiss...PRICELESS

Here are some shots from yesterday's chill day


Canon 5D Mark II // 50mm f1.4 // VSCO Film Pack 1