Paramount Ranch

Paramount Ranch Engagement // Caity + Andrew

Before I begin I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Earth Day today! I hope you took a minute to do a little something today to help preserve our earth. I tried my best, but I think the only thing I did today was recycle my trash from early today, sorry.

Now on to biz... You know how when you see a couple and they are just having a great time with each other, laughing, joking being goofy and you think to that's how being with someone should be. Well, these two great people are that awesome couple, please meet Caity and Andrew. Our engagement session at Paramount Ranch was ridiculously fun despite the warmer weather, we definitely had some of that laughing and joking going on throughout our time together which made our session fly by. I think at one point they even busted out the Robot, you know the Robot dance? See the image below if I lost you. Anyways...just in the short amount of time we spent together I just know we will stay in contact even after their wedding.

I truly feel blessed to come in contact with such rad couples again this year. These two definitely have a rad factor about them, I can't wait for their wedding even though it's at the end of the year. Oh yeah they picked the best date, I will be documenting their special day on 12.13.14. How cool is that? I know right? I'm stoked!

Here are just a few pics from their session, I hope you enjoy! Oh and please feel don't be shy, feel free to leave a comment for them.

Canon 5DM3 // VSCOFilm