The Flower Fields

The Flower Fields - Valen + Victor

Although it was raining on our way down to The Flower Fields in Carlsbad the morning of our engagement session, we didn't let that bring us down. In fact, it actually worked out for the best, by the time we started taking pictures the rain stopped and the conditions were awesome. Have you ever been to the Flower Fields? WOW, is all I have to say! Acres and acres of endless colors and amazing aromas, actually we were very fortunate that the flowers were blooming at the time, I guess the flowers only bloom two months out of the year. So good timing on our part! Props to Valen for finding this gem.

It was so great getting to know Valen and Victor throughout the shoot, we had plenty of laughs throughout, but what was great was seeing the love they had for each other, that made me very happy! June is around the corner and I am looking forward to capturing their special day. Good times!