I made the VSCO.co Grid homepage

Ok so I can be a total nerd sometimes, today I received an email from VSCO.co that one of my images made it on their main VSCOgrid page. Woohoo! I've been a fan for a long time and have been using their iPhone app, VSCOCam for awhile now. iPhone users get it free HERE sorry Android they don't offer a version to ya yet.

They recently came out with a new version which is soooo much better than the previous which I will go into on another blog post, but what I really wanted to talk about is what they introduced at the same time as the new app. It's a cool platform called VSCO Grid, I love this site because it's all about the images, each site is clean and fun to look through, click on an image and not only will it enlarge, but you can get info on the edit, like which preset the person used to get that particular look, it's pretty rad (yes I am a nerd). I actually use it to post a few different images along with some of the same images that I post on Instagram. The images I post there are strictly VSCOcam images, no DSLR images, so yes, I have yet another gallery of images besides my website that displays some of my work. 

You can check it out my grid page HERE

Here is the email I received today along with the image that made it. This image was taken at the canals in Venice Beach a month or so ago. 


VSCOGrid Email.png

Since the image is probably way down on the page now here is a screenshot I took of it while it was still on top.