Printing our Legacy

A year or so ago Epson put out a campaign called “Print Your Legacy” one of the photographers that was part of it was celebrity photographer and ALL around great guy Jeremy Cowart to help promote it. Prior to that campaign I purchased an Epson R3000 one of those big ass printers, I use it frequently to print smaller photos for clients. So when this campaign rolled out I was like HECK YEAH! I’m going to start printing way more aaaaand you guessed it, I didn’t print anymore than I was already printing before, slacker lol! Then a couple of months back I really got the urge to start printing again, but with the holiday family season going on full blast I seriously had VERY LIMITED office time to pursue it. Well, now that I have finally slowed down a little, I’m finishing up some business from last year and in the meantime, I’ve began printing some of my work as well as some personal family photos.

This year with the guidance of a friend of mine who also happens to be a kick ass a photographer, I plan on implementing selling prints. I have been feeling sort of let down by the fact that I have not been stressing how important it is to actually have prints made for my clients. This is coming from someone who’s generation grew up on printing photos, using printed photos in the actual albums, film cameras, etc, etc. and just loving the fact that I can physically hold on to that photo forever. With digital now, it’s so easy to keep them on your computer, cell phone or social media and pretty much do nothing with them beyond that. That’s cool and all, BUT honestly not really, people pay good money to hire a photographer to take photos of their wedding or family and then to do nothing with them, it’s a bummer actually. Most say, I will totally get them printed, but 90% of people don’t. TODAY, I want to get back to the old school method and join the select photographers out there who are pushing prints. I feel it’s my job as your photographer to help document your legacy and what better way to make it stand the test of time is to provide high quality professional prints, whether it be from your engagement, wedding or even family session it’s time I do my job. Yes, it will come with a price, Yes, this will not be for everyone I understand that, BUT for those that understand the importance of this they will find it to be priceless. 

I don’t know where I heard this, but someone once said, “the only things that will help pass on your legacy to your future generations are from stories and photographs” if you think about it, it’s absolutely true! But if your photos live on a hard drive or cell phone only what will happen when you get a new computer or cell phone in 2-3 years then what? It’s time to start printing again people. Let’s do it, I PROMISE you will not be disappointed when you see those beautiful images of your wedding or family printed out, trust me, it will be way better then seeing them on a computer or phone. In the next few weeks I will be writing up a printing FAQ, but for now I just want to let you all know what direction my business is headed from this point on.

Blog fact: This is my 3rd blog post this year, last year in 2016 I blogged a total of 6 times. lol creating good habits…..

Ok peace for now, talk soon!

Printer: Epson R3000
Paper: Epson Hot Press Bright and Moab Lasal Matte