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Top 3 reasons why people hesitate getting pictures taken

For those that are sitting on the fence on getting your family photo taken please continue to read on...I decided to give you my 2 cents, hoping I may change your mind ;-)

1. Why should I pay money to get our picture taken when I have a cell phone or point n shoot camera?

A: Honestly...for a small fee I will shoot, edit, possibly print it, but more importantly deliver a professional product taking all of the work out of it for you.

2. I hate getting my picture taken!

A. I hear ya, most people hate it too. But that's why you hire someone like me to make your experience fun and enjoyable. On top of that I make you look good! Good enough you will want to show off your pictures to everyone, especially on Facebook!

3. It's a pain in the butt getting everyone ready I just don't have the time.

A. Yes I agree, its not easy rounding up the family for a photo shoot, BUT before you know it an hour of fun has gone by, you are finished and I have captured moments you will never forget. You will be so thankful that you put the effort in to make a lifetime of amazing photos!

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