Series // Being a first time dad - v.3 [milestones]

Back in 2013 when my son Colton was a year old I decided to start a series on my blog called, "Being a first time dad." My goal was just to document and journal my whole experience, from being a first time dad plus running a fairly new photo business (going back on my own that is). Since it's been awhile since my last entry you can read the first two entries HERE and HERE

Like my mobile series, I'm ready start this series back up again too. To let you know, this series is mainly for my journal purposes, something I can look back in a few years and just smile and laugh at. I will be the first to admit, I'm not the best writer, but I hope to get better. 

Here we go....So my son is about a week away from turning 3 years old and as you can imagine a ton of stuff has happened between one and three. Since then two HUGE milestones have happened, the first was being able to talk, but not just saying random words, but actually talking in sentences with intention and meaning. For me, it was the best thing ever when he started expressing himself, it meant less guessing on my part and more time getting what he wanted, see my patience level compared to his moms is so much shorter, but that just may be a guy thing? His communication really started happening when he turned two, I mean he was talking with random words early on, but actual convos started right around two along with his natural ability to negotiate to get what he wanted. And NOW, I seriously can't get him to stop talking, he literally talks from the moment he wakes up to the moment he goes down for the night. It's crazy! From my perspective, I don't mind his talking, in fact, I encourage it about 95% of the time, the other 5% it would be nice if wasn't always trying to talk over us. LOL I do believe this trait will take him places down the road, perhaps a Lawyer or sport agent??? One can wish and hope right?

What really trips me out is how witty and funny he really is, I know all parents think their kids are funny, BUT this kid is seriously a comedian, he knows how to deliver at the right time and he thrives off the attention. I always say, his pictures are one thing, but when you actually get to meet him and see his personality it puts his photos to shame, he's infectious. 

The second milestone that recently happened is he is about 95% potty trained, this one is still a major challenge, but he is moving right along and we couldn't be more proud. He has the peeing down just working on #2, but he's almost there now. Granted there have been a few accidents, but that is a given. Like some, we decided to totally skip pull ups and go straight to his "big boy underwear" he loves knowing that he is becoming a big boy and no longer a baby boy. For me that makes me sad because he is growing up so fast, but he will always be my Baby Boy. But in all honesty, I love that he growing and taking on these milestones like a champ. Our hope is by his 3rd birthday he will be 100% potty trained. 

Here are a few shots taken in between his first year and now. 

Off to a slow start

This year feels so much different from years past, why you ask? I freaking have no idea to be honest with you. All I know is that I'm off to a slow start and it's pissing me off. I feel like the New Year hype brought me up then quickly brought me back down or my expectations were so high and reality set in. Clueless...But I will tell you that within the past couple of days, something kicked into gear and I'm ready to charge and move forward again. Ready to get out of this slump, which in reality is probably nothing and all in my head. 

I think what has really helped is that I am consistantly working out again and boy it feels good! Spin class and running is actually feeling good again. It really is amazing how just changing your mindset by putting yourself back out there can really change your overall daily life. I LOVE it! 

Well crap, tomorrow is a new month and with that, I have a huge announcement to make regarding a crazy, stupid (on my part) wedding package sale. BUT it's only going to be available through certain channels, one of them is through my Newsletter SOOOO make sure you fill out your email address in the right hand column if you want to see what I'm offering. Announcement will be made tomorrow. 

ALSO, before I forget I have finally made the effort to separate my Instagram accounts, since my current feed happens to be 80% pictures of my son Colton I decided to make a work feed to show off images that might not make it on my blog or FB. SO, I swapped the names, my personal account is now @pelli_life (this has all the pics of my personal life from the past 2 years) and NOW you can actually view my real work @thomaspellicer, yes it was my old Instagram name SO PLEASE MAKE NOTE of the change. I'm starting to upload images so please hang tight.


I will leave you with this shot of Colton taken on Wed. down in San Juan Capo

Canon 5DM3 // VSCOfilm

Canon 5DM3 // VSCOfilm

Has it been a month?

Ok seriously I don't get how it's been a month since my last blog post, a MONTH? What the??? I don't even know what happened since then besides celebrating my Birthday yesterday. Oh wait I know...Shooting, editing, shooting, hanging with my son, shooting, editing, chilin with the wifey and finally I can't forget about shooting. LOL not complaining just sad that I don't get blog as much. Honestly if I was a better writer I would probably make more time. So for now, here is a compilation of images taken with my iPhone only, there is no particular order just some images I wanted to share that didn't make Instagram over the last month or so.

My intentions this week is to put out at least 2 more blog posts, so please stay tuned. 


All images taken by iPhone 5 // VSCOCam // PicTapGo // Mextures // Afterlight