Throwback Thursday - Colton 9 month

Since I haven't formally introduced you to my little boy Colton here on my blog, I thought I would use #throwbackthursday as a way to introduce him, aaaand since I haven't taken his 10 month pictures yet I thought why not just post up his 9 month shots I took last month, so here ya go!

Just to warn you now, you will see tons of this little guy on my blog, just sayin'. He is Heather and I's first child and we are just obsessed with him. He was born on Cinco de Mayo 2012 and has been rockin out ever since. For those that haven't met him in person, the kid is either scoping you out with this frown he has or just trying to get your attention with his piercing eyes. Still can't figure him out??? But, as you will see the first thing everyone notices is his amazing blue eyes, I LOVE THEM! just like his momma's. Anyways...Internet meet my son Colton Frank, hope you enjoy!

Canon 5DM2 / 85mm / VSCOFilm pack 1