There are moments in our lives that I feel have a great impact as to who we are as a person. Learning how to walk and talk, your first kiss, your first love, graduation, then comes your wedding day and hopefully a family soon after. These are the moments that will forever have place in our hearts and minds. It's a beautiful thing that should always be remembered even passed down generations. 

Having said that, after documenting weddings and families for the past six years I have come to this conclusion, I understand I have the ability to document the moments in our lives that truly matter to not only us, but to our family and friends that surround us. The images I make will forever be the visual representation of those memories. Those images will be used for generations to tell your story and so understanding that I have created "made with love" It's a movement that I want to build my legacy on. 


What does this mean for you? It means that if you feel strongly about capturing memories, stories, generations and YOUR legacy, then I want to deliver my abilities completely from my heart and out of love, just like you were family. This is NOT a service that follow trends, it's more of a foundation that is based around real life moments that in itself create stories that will make us laugh and cry for years and years. I want to pour my heart and soul into each of my clients that truly have the same feeling about life as me. 

Why am I doing this? It's really simple, I can continue just taking photos the same way I have for years or I can really make a difference in people's lives and give them more than just photos from their day. My goal is to not only give them a memorable experience during our time together, but provide you with the photos and stories to accommodate our time spent together. 


Images are captured as they happen when they happen, it's not completely staged or setup it's just real moments. Have no fear, if I'm documenting your wedding I will still take posed family photos, couple, details and bridal party shots and if I'm documenting your family then of course I will make sure you get a few posed shots as well. But for the most part I am documenting moments of your day that will in the end tell your story. To let you know upfront, I can't promise every single image will be technically perfect, there might be some blur, there might be some noise or grain, the color maybe off just a bit, BUT the one thing I can promise is that not so perfect image will have a memorable story attached to it, one that you may laugh or even cry to.