Welcome to my personal blog

Part of my agenda this year was to figure out a way to separate my business and personal photos. I take so many photos for work and personal that I don't know where or how I want to consistently share them. I mean I post one or two shots on Instagram, but I don't think that is good enough, since I'm not a big Facebooker that doesn't work either. I decided when my son Colton was born that it's going to be extremely important to document my personal/family life, now that my second child will be joining us next month I feel more than ever it's going to be important to have a space to share my photos. Luckily with my website provider Squarespace, I am able to have multiple blog sites on my account, so there ya go problem solved. I will have a blog strictly for work and of course this one, for my personal life. 

What should you expect to see here? Simple! Anything non-work related. You will see photos of my life, you will see different styles of how I edit photos, you will see me on more of normal everyday level, the good, bad, sad and happy. I'm excited to share, post and give. I hope you can follow along, I would love to have you!

During this downtime from weddings, it's the perfect opportunity for me to bond with my boy. What I love is that we both enjoy going out to explore, you will soon find out. One of our favorite spots is going to the Corona Del Mar Tidepools. Now that I'm shooting exclusively with FujiFilm cameras, I take it everywhere I go, something I didn't do with my Canon gear. I'm so excited for this personal blog...I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner??? My mistake! Ok enough talk, here are some shots from the other day.

Fuji X-T1 with 10-24mm and 56mm | Edited with VSCOFilm 01