Pre School

Colton's last day of PreSchool

Blink.....I can't believe last Tuesday (June 7th) was Colton's last day of his first year of Pre-School. I remember sending him off last September and feeling like wow, what just happened? Our baby boy is now going to school and just like that he's already done. People don't lie when they say, your kids grow up so fast make sure you take the time to enjoy them. Luckily being a photographer I've been documenting his life since the moment he arrived. But even then it's crazy how much he has grown up so quick.

Having noticed this, I think that is why it's been so hard for me to not be around Rowan and my family, I seriously just want to be with them all day everyday. It's literally taken me 4 months to snap out of it and get back into my groove with work and shooting. 

If you want to see his first day of school post you can view that HERE. I posted it on my work blog because at the time I didn't want to have two separate blogs like I have now. 

Some of his interests today are:
Teenage Mutan Ninja Turtles
Skylanders Trap Team
Kids YouTube (Chase's Corner and Stampy) he loves studying games online
Chasing my drone and being chased by it
Swimming in the pool
Going exploring with me

Here he is with his teacher Mrs. Moon, a few of his classmates and his first ever crush Penny.