Ready for the new year

Most people make resolutions or goals come the new year, we get all excited for a fresh start. I think there is something cool about starting all over that gives us hope that things will be better this time around. Shoot I'm no different than most, I totally get excited for the new year and that chance to do great things. I have made my lists and now I'm all pumped and ready to take on the world, who's coming with me??? lol

This year one of the BIGGEST changes that I want to make is to be more present with my family, that means spend more quality time with them, do fun things and simply just create good memories for our kids. The big challenge is going to be the ability to put the iPhone down and just enjoy life that is in front of me, it's not going to be easy because 80% of my business is run on my iPhone from emails, calls and more important, marketing aka social media. BUT this is my goal and I pray that I can stick with it and make it good habit not only for me but for my family's benefit. 

I'm not going to bore you with all the yada yada yada stuff that I want to do this year, but the other two big things I want to do is, run a Half Marathon and blog more, both personal and business. Running in a half marathon is nothing new to me, in my past life I did plenty of them and then some, but years later that has all changed, I'm overweight and lazy now, it's time get back on the horse as they say. And blogging....well I love the idea behind it, I love the fact that I can express myself, show my work and simply share what's on my mind. But the truth of the matter is that staying consistent is hard as heck. I give my sister HUGE HUGE props for blogging consistently each week for almost 2 years straight, to me that is an incredible task. For those that don't know, she writes a great blog about ways we can be more thoughtful it's pretty awesome, please check it out and follow along .

So last year I implemented this personal blog in addition to my work blog, like maintaining one blog wasn't hard enough, lol. It was a little ambitious I know, I think last year I blogged 6 work posts and 7 personal posts, yikes I might have loved the idea, but got overwhelmed by it. This time around I have a game plan, I believe it has to start in my head, to believe that I can actually be a blogger and that I have something good to say, then it's just comes down to making it a habit, period. Hopefully I will get to the point of actually planning my posts so I can keep it consistent and less stressful. Like anything in life consistency can take you as far as you want to go.

So here's to quality family time, getting off my ass and running and getting back to writing and sharing. Here is a shot of my little girl.