Photo: Javier Azpeitia

Photo: Javier Azpeitia

Welcome and hello! I hope everyone is off to a great start so far this year! I can’t believe we are already in Mid February and I’m just NOW catching up with life. So far this year has been super crazy (thankfully). Okay, so not to waste any time I’m going to jump right into it, this year I have made the decision that I need to do WAY more with my life in all aspects (which I will discuss in future blog posts), but today I’m going to talk about one in particular. Just recently I made some moves that will help me pursue this new found passion of mine to HELP people get ahead financially, but more importantly to helping families plan better financially for their future. This new venture will run parallel with my photography business with the hopes that one day a few years down the road I can retire my photography business as a full time career and continue to pursue this business in the financial services industry as my full time career. As I pursue down this new venture I invite you to FOLLOW my journey, I have made a commitment to myself for at least the first year to DOCUMENT my experience right here on this blog through written word, videos and hopefully a podcast down the road. My vision is to document my real journey (the process) from getting my life insurance license along with all the ups and downs that I will encounter along the way, yes, even the downs that I will run into. It should be very interesting to say the least, but I’m definitely up for the challenge. I’m not going to claim I am an expert right now, as I am far from it, but I will certainly do my duty to provide the correct information using easy to understand terminology, but of course keeping in mind that some content can't be discussed due to certain compliance/rules that I will need to follow. 


Being a full time photographer for the past 9 years, it’s time to start shifting my mind towards this new venture, this new mindset of helping families and building a solid team of like minded individuals to help grow our businesses will only be the beginning. This shift is not going to be easy, but just like anything challenging as long as I COMMIT and understand the process I am totally down to WORK my a$$ off. 

So please, I invite you to follow ——> my journey. My hope is to bring value to you by sharing my experience so we all can grow and learn from each other. Please help me build a solid culture here! Feel free to comment anytime and engage along my journey via my blog or social media. I'm pretty chill and would love to help and answer any questions.

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